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Fabrication Works

Fabrication Works

If you are looking for something out of the box fabrication service, then Ddesigno is definitely your go-to guy. We have a team of experts who are creative fabrication engineers that will make your dreams come true. From custom, one-off projects, to industrial and commercial fabrication, our team works with you from initial concept to finished product. We have an efficient and accurate quality workmanship that provides our customers with the solutions they need.

Stainless steel fabrication, steel fabrication, grill fabrication, pipe fabrication, welding fabrication are some of our specialities. Bring us your ideas and we can help you with your designs or suggest the best materials or finishing process to give you the desired look and quality product.

We provide a full range of general fabrication to match your specification. We always come up with a solution if you are unsure how it might work. For all your fabrication and welding projects, we always ensure that you get a high quality end result.

If you would like to get in touch with us and discuss about your fabrication needs, feel free to reach out to us at +91 9619962610 / +91 9022935909 or mail us at

Fabrication Work (MS & SS):

Terrace Shed with architectural framing / Truss (Plain / Bowstring).

Safety Grill for Flats, Houses, Offices, Shops, Restaurant & Hotels etc.

C-Channel / I-Beam Framing for Load Bearing Slabs (Kota Laadi / Kadappa)

Safety Door, Railing, Main Gate, Table and Chair.

Crockery Baskets & Pull out ‘SS-304’

Staircase or passage Railing ‘SS-304’