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Civil Contractor

Whatever the utility, however big the challenge, Ddesigno is sure to deliver!
We, at Ddesigno, design and build a wide range of infrastructure projects including both commercial and residential ones. We deliver complete integrated civil construction services in Kharghar and around the city.

Our primary civil construction services include :

  • 1. Drainage and pipeline construction
  • 2. Sewer and water reticulation
  • 3. Road construction and reconstruction
  • 4. Concrete works
  • 5. Earthworks
  • 6. Speciality contracting solutions

We deliver the highest quality services in a safe, reliable and timely manner.
We have a team of expert who proposes and produces solution while checking in the progress exactly as required.
We are sure to add value through quality construction and increase your return on investment.
Our civil contractors have years of experience working on a diverse range of civil construction projects and are proactively committed to contributing to the successful outcome of every job that we take on.
Want to get in touch? Give us a call today to discuss your civil construction requirements at affordable pricing.